1. Chalk Typography

    Not related to my sayings, but another piece of handmade typography, done last year for my typo class. This is a quote by Matthew Carter.

    "Type is a beautiful group of letters, not a group of beautiful letters"

    I wanted to focus on my interpretation on how it could be read, playing with sequencing and emphasis, to make its meaning more digestible for the viewer. I also wanted to highlight that they are two different descriptions about type, with subtle differences. I delivered them in separate chunks, for viewers to make the comparison.

    "Type  [pause]  is a beautiful group of letters,  [pause]  not a group of beautiful letters”

    I’ll leave you to decide if I was successful! By all means, give me your thoughts on how you would read it. I love talking shop about the craft.

    type quote

    The piece took about 30 hours total, all recorded on camera from start to finish. We had to do it freehand, and were only allowed to use simple guides for size and placement (no projections, and no pre-drawn stencils on the board).

    type quote 2

    The assignment wasn’t so much about the end result, but rather, the process of constant refinement to get to that stage. I left it with a more profound understanding and respect, for the construction and balance of letter-forms of well designed typefaces, and the subtle nuances and intricacies that make up good type design.

    It was my first time using chalk, and it’s really fickle to work with. Half the time I was fighting against the medium. The wall is also slightly angled backwards, which distorted my view and and made chalk dust fall onto bits beneath. Cleanup was a nightmare too; cloudy residue clung to the board no matter how vigorous I was with cleaning.

    The final piece stood taller than me (I’m around 6’4” ), but there was also empty space beneath it, so that’s not the best approximation. It also ended up being twice the size in width than most pieces created by other people in my class.

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